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volvo toy trucks

New Fleet

By Abigail Gresko | Jun 11, 2016

I’ll take the blue one, please.

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minion seen some things

This Minion Has Seen Some Things

By Abigail Gresko | Jun 11, 2016
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TA Petro App

TA/Petro: Home of the Best Shower Experience On the Road

By Abigail Gresko | May 5, 2016

Travel Centers of America and Petro Stopping Centers are THE Shower People! They really do know how to provide the best shower experience and they do it better than any other truck stop. TA/Petro makes showering easy, convenient and comfortable for truck drivers and travelers from start to finish. Requesting a Shower: TA/Petro allows drivers to…

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vegetables lined up perfectly at kroger

I Never Looked At Vegetables This Way Before

By Abigail Gresko | May 5, 2016

There is something quite stunning about a bunch of vegetables arranged perfectly in the produce department. Maybe it’s the symmetry of the avocados on both sides, with the perfect amount of onions and tomatoes in between. Maybe it’s the way the asparagus is displayed, all vibrant green and begging to be fried with some butter and olive oil….

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zootopia movie poster

Zootopia: Funny While Challenging the Status Quo

By Abigail Gresko | Mar 31, 2016

Tonight I saw the movie Zootopia, which opened in theaters earlier this month. I absolutely knew I wanted to watch Zootopia when I first saw the trailer a few months ago where it depicted the DMV clerks as sloths. I was sold immediately on humor alone. I was pleasantly surprised when it offered so much more. Zootopia had me laughing…

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orange truck on highway

You Know You’re A Truck Driver When…

By Abigail Gresko | Jan 14, 2016

In my experience as a truck driver, living along the big and small roads of the United States, I have compiled a list of small realizations that I am not a regular four wheeler anymore. Most of these are passing thoughts, but for entertainment purposes I have decided to maintain an ongoing list. This list is not…

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wyoming utah colorado map

Different Towns, Similar Values: My Grass Isn’t Any Greener Than Yours

By Abigail Gresko | Sep 5, 2015

It doesn’t matter where you live; there are underlying similarities everywhere. People may have regional accents, particular tastes in food, and various definitions of cold weather, but we are more similar than we might think. I have been blessed with the opportunity to live and explore many different places in the United States. I always thought the grass looked greener on the other…

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creativity inc book buzz lightyear

Embrace Your Mistakes

By Abigail Gresko | Jul 22, 2015

I have always enjoyed Pixar’s lovable storylines, but this book has allowed me to gain a new appreciation for all the thought and teamwork that lies behind what we watch on the big screen. Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation shares insight into what has made Pixar successful; notably, how they view…

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What Kind of Mindset Do You Have? Fixed vs Growth

By Abigail Gresko | Jun 12, 2015

Do you believe that you were born with certain talents? Is there something you want to learn that seems challenging? In life, you can become discouraged when learning something new and unfamiliar. You may feel a need to stick with what you already know, stay inside your comfort zone and do what’s familiar, which may be activities in…

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